Iron Warfare: Theatre Assault

Iron Warfare: Theatre Assault is a semi-realistic mobile tank game that lets you take control of any tank from pages of history. The uniqueness of this game is how there will be a large number of tanks available, as well as giving the players an opportunity to control a tank or an armoured vehicle with a semi-realistic tank controller rather than focusing on an arcade controller. The other thing to realise is – how the project is created by a small Burmese Indie Games Development team – two people to be exact, so it is more “localised”. The initial version of this game features 3 missions with several US & German tanks of WW2 era. It is currently a single-player game but with future updates, there will be more tanks, missions, improved UIs, and overall improved gameplay, etc. From our other projects, we have made plans to do a PC build with a separate controller. 

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About Us

Armor Piercing Indie Games Production is an independent games developer brand, created by a Burmese Game Developer with the sole goal of creating and publishing military games on various gaming platforms – including mobile, PC and others in the future. Our mission is to focus on creating games that focused on military vehicles such as tanks, attack helicopters, battleships, and fighter jets of all eras and variants. Currently, the sole owner of the brand and studio is Min Marn Htet Kyaw @ Xavier where by using his strengths, he has created the brand to not only showcase his development and project management skills, but also lending his help towards bringing more jobs in the future as a remote games development studio in Myanmar. 

Meet our Talented Burmese Games Development Team

Min Marn Htet Kyaw

Min Marn Htet Kyaw

Lead Games Developer, Game Designer

Min Marn Htet Kyaw @ Xavier is an indie game developer and a recent graduate from Monash University with a Bachelor of IT while having a major in Games Development & Games Design. Holding also a Diploma in IT, his passion for creating games have made him to create AP Games, and lending a hand towards the Burmese game development community. While not busy with work & teaching back his games design knowledge to students, he spends his time by improving his Japanese & website development skills.


Nay Lin Htun

Games Programmer, Game Designer

Nay Lin Htun @ Lu Xi Fer is a passionate and experienced games programmer who has published various game projects on his own while working as a freelance jr. games developer. His multi-talented skills in the games development industry has made him an incredible team member at AP Indie Games Production where he spends most of his time understanding and building vehicle controllers. While being proficient with various game engines, he is also experienced in creating augmented reality projects.

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Armor Piercing Indie Games Productions

Please feel free to check out my background at LinkedIn and please do contact us if you have any questions about doing a collaboration project or wanted to know more about the identity of the studio or the validity of our games. 

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